Is There a Way to Prevent Downloading Music Illegally: We Take a Look

An artist spends a lot of days in order to create that perfect piece of music so that people may love his work. Thus, he gets popular among people based on the music that he has produced. There are many music artists that became popular within a few days of creating that perfect piece of music. But sometimes, it takes years to produce that perfect piece of music.

You could do this, or of course you could just keep your songs on vinyl albums rather than on digital files! lol.

So, the artist wants to keep that work saved because he has produced it after a lot of effort and struggle. Nowadays, the internet is the best source of displaying your work to others and earn money. But there are some bad elements in the world of internet that do not care about how much effort someone has made in order to produce that music.

They just want to step over the success using the work of other music artists. So, they download their music from the internet and start selling it as their own. This is the worst incident in an artist’s life when someone takes the credit for something that was actually produced by him. Some of the artists get discouraged and they do not make create any new piece. But there are some artists that already know the difficulties they may face if they launched their piece of music on the internet.

So, these artists take all the security measures that can help them protect their work on the internet. Let’s take a look at how you can prevent people from downloading the music illegally.


Make sure that you get your work registered by an authentic department before launching it on the internet. The department would register your work with your name and nobody would be able to use it illegally. If someone tried to use your music illegally, you can simply file a claim against them and the guilty person would pay you the fine for illegally using your work.

Use of software

There are some softwares that can help protect your work with a password so that nobody can use it unless they get the permission. The best thing about these softwares is that they are highly protected and nobody can hack them. If someone tried to hack the file, the software would instantly delete all the files available in it. So, you can feel secure after using the software.

Authentic websites

Make sure that you publish your work on some authentic websites that do not allow other users to steal your work. Thus, nobody would be able to download your music illegally even if they use a software.