How to Start Backlinking

Quality backlinks are an essential part of any website’s online marketing tactics as these directly have a say on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings. Additionally, they can help you establish brand authority and channel some of that referral traffic your way as well. That said, if you’re wondering how to go about it, here are a few pointers on how to start backlinking:

1) Offer guest blogging opportunities
Guest articles are an excellent way to backlink as you can sort of “piggybank” on the popularity of much-loved websites or authors who’ve already established a name for themselves. Moreover, you can also broaden your content, and thereby your audience, while leveraging relationships for new opportunities. To substantiate the effectiveness of this technique, look no further than the Google Analytics blog, which regularly welcomes third party contributions.

2) Try the infographic approach
A picture is worth a thousand words, which attests to the power of infographics that you should be taking advantage of as a backlink strategy. Visual data is appealing for its ease of comprehension and shareability. You can have about five to ten backlinks per infographic, each preferably featuring a unique story that tugs at the interest strings of your desired audience.

3) Write testimonials
Some authoritative companies can offer you a spot on the homepage in exchange for a testimony. It goes without saying that you need to purchase the service or product in question first. Testimonials are a great choice if you are short on time or patience, and be sure to look to multiple authoritative platforms to reach a broader audience.

4) Donate to NPOs
Another straightforward alternative that makes for a nice link building shortcut is donating to non-profit organizations. Find a company that makes public or has a featured section for donors where you can squeeze in your website URL. What’s more, you may also link back to companies who’ve donated to the same cause without having to guest blog or do any extra work for them.

5) Scour the internet for interviews
Seek out several interview opportunities as well. This trend is rapidly catching on at the moment and with good reason. It can propel you up the ranks and possibly cast your website into the SEO spotlight. Reach out to any website offering such opportunities, making your interest known alongside the undying intention to be a part of any conversation.

6) Borrow a leaf from the competition
Keeping tabs on rivals can provide some inspiration to kick start your backlink technique. Subscribe to their newsletters and monitor their social media accounts to identify when and what backlinks your competitors are using to great effect. If you notice that many of their links arise from blog reviews, offer these reviewers the chance to look into your website via a free trial or something. Alternatively, if the links are pointing toward a famous guest blogger, enlist his/her services as well.

Patience and persistence are two key attributes for a successful backlink marketing campaign as success typically isn’t an overnight affair. It takes time to grow and nature, but with these white-hat SEO strategies outlined herein, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Also, remember that keeping your backlinks matter just as much as building them so be sure check in on them every so often with tools like Ahrefs and Monitor Backlinks. At the end of the day, it’s best to call in the pros to help you out with your backlinking.