Hot games in 2018 for music lovers

The music and games are the most interesting things on this planet that can make you feel fresh and happy whenever you get engaged with them. There were many songs that became very popular in 2017. Similarly, lots of games also became very popular in 2017. But something strange happened in this year that brought an amazing change in both the industries. Some expert developers took help from the top musicians to develop some games and apps that may provide a new source of entertainment to the music lovers.

Almost all the gamers prefer listening to their favorite music while playing their favorite game. So, the developers decided to introduce a new idea that can help them enjoy both the things together in one place. So, they introduced some apps and games.  These games and apps became very popular and they musicians jumped in to make some new and advanced games.

This brought a new change to this new world and some new games came into existence that are far better than those that were introduced in the past year. So, today we are going to talk about some hot games that music lovers would love playing in 2018.


The musical gaming experience provided in this game is incredibly amazing. The game is really interesting as it features many emotional aspects. This game provides you the opportunity to convert the emotions to the music. Different notes appear on your mobile screen during this game that allows you to play your favorite music. Many incredible songs from different genres are included in this game. So, you’re definitely going to love this game if you’re a true music lover.


The name of the game relates that it is a perfect game for the music lovers. There are many questions included about different songs and artists in this game that will definitely help in testing your knowledge that whether you are actually a music lover or not. It is not only about answering the questions but there are several sounds included in this game that you can use to guess that which song was played on this beat.

Icon Pop Song

This is another interesting game that will help in improving your pop music memory skills. The real music enthusiasts are not only interested in listening to the music but they also love to learn the detailed information about their favorite songs and singers. So, if you are a true music enthusiast, then you must play this game to test your pop music memory skills.