Content protection continues to grow increasingly important, as more and more content providers prepare to place their assets on the Internet.
DRM wrapper technologies are today’s leading solution for securing digital content.
A wrapper is a digital content protection technology based on encrypting the content, and installing a specialized software shell called a Digital Rights Manager (DRM) on the client’s machine. By means of an online connection with a clearinghouse site, the DRM is able to check if a user has permission to utilize the content, piece by piece. An authorized client is then able to view the content or run an application once it has been “unwrapped”, i.e., decrypting the wrapper. The unwrapping is performed either by the DRM shell before the content or application is used, or within a specialized enabled “player”.

Wrapper technologies are inherently insecure against all but casual piracy. This is because the encrypted content and the decryption key eventually reside together on the client’s machine, allowing a dedicated hacker unlimited access to both.

Midbar has developed “PlaySEC”, a new technology for securing digital content which offers a significantly higher level of security than DRMs and does not require any modification of the client’s computing environment and/or usage procedures. The client’s experience remains the same – simply click and play.

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As new technologies emerge, it has become more difficult for copyright holders to control the distribution of digital content. Midbar’s Cactus Data Shield is a comprehensive copy control solution for optical media such as audio CDs, providing for the first time the technological infrastructure to secure and control the mass distribution of copyright material. Midbar is also developing Internet and hardware based copy control solutions.

The Cactus Data Shield proprietary technology was developed in-house. The engine behind the protection is the Cactus Data Shield processor, which serves as a platform for encoding original content through robust, multi-layer protection schemes. Easily integrated into the manufacturing process of optical media, the Cactus Data Shield remains fully transparent to both the content provider and the consumer.

Midbar is currently developing Internet and hardware based copy control solutions as well.

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