Cactus Data Shield

Midbar’s core product line, the Cactus Data Shield is a comprehensive solution for protecting content on optical media, such as music CDs, against unauthorized digital replication and conversion to compressed files for on-line distribution. The Cactus Data Shield serves as a platform for providing consumers a variety of services, according to client specifications. Transparent to the music provider, the technology is easily implemented in the CD manufacturing process with no production machinery modification or changes to the pre-mastering process necessary. Transparent to the consumer, CDs protected by Cactus Data Shield play on commercial CD players with perfect audio quality. There are three versions of the Cactus Data Shield – CDS-100, CDS-200 and CDS-300 -providing robust security for audio content and a number of options for providing additional services for the consumer’s benefit. For more information about CDS Security. Click here.