Top Phone Recording and Audio Apps for Producers

Making music was one of the most complex things to do several decades ago. This is because to produce an album, you had to spend many hours in a studio in order to record your songs. However, things began to change when the bedroom producer home studios were started in the year 2010. From then, thanks to the fast advancing technology, these producer studios have begun moving from PCs and laptops to mobile smartphones. This is a factor that has greatly simplified music making, so that you are able to record your songs at any place any time.

In order to move the bedroom producer home studios from the laptops and computers to mobile phones, there was need for new apps to be developed. These apps once installed in the mobile phones, ensure that the user is able to conveniently record their music – also known as localiser portable. Here is a list of the top phone recording and audio apps today:

1.Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

This is an app that operates on IOS mobile devices. One of the major advantages of this app is that it is free and easy to use. This app is convenient for both newbies and beginners and also experts and musicians that are already established. In addition, this app is already installed in your IOS device when you buy it and it is the perfect alternative for Default Voice Memo App. The app also allows you to export your audio files in any format you like.

2.Easy Voice Recorder

This app operates on Android devices. It is also free and convenient for both beginners and experts. This is a good app because it helps people with Android devices. This is because Android devices, unlike IOS devices, do not come with preinstalled recording apps. Having this app on your Android device may therefore be the best alternative for you. The app enables you to record high quality audios and you can even set some of your tunes as your ringtone.

3.Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

This is an app that is designed for both IOS and Android mobile phones. Even though it is not free like the others listed above, it is relatively affordable compared to others. Some of the important features of this app include 130+ instruments, 70 presets, wave editors, pitch blending and even up to 10 effects. All these features are enabled in the apps to ensure that the quality of audio files you record is the best. It is also very easy to customize your audio files and even send them to Dropbox, SoundCloud and even to your friends via e-mail. This app is suitable or beginners because it is fun to use and the y are exposed to unlimited possibilities with this app.


When you are choosing phone recording and audio app to sue, it is important to consider a few factors. Some of these factors include the type of phone you are using, Android or IOS, the amount of money you have set aside to spend on the app and the type of app. Above is a list of the top 3 apps to consider when you are looking for the best phone recording and audio apps for your phone.…

Beginner’s Guide to Audio Interfaces – What You Need to Know

An audio interface is a hardware that builds a connection between your audio devices and your computer. The audio interfaces are supposed to convert the analog signals to digital audio information. Similarly, it converts digital audio information to the analog signal when it receives some information from your computer. This entire process is completed with the help of the connection that is built between the audio device and the computer.

For example, if you are looking to record your voice on the computer, then this is where the audio interfaces come in handy. The audio interface will convert your voice into digital audio information and send it to the computer. The process of finding the right audio interface can be really overwhelming for the individuals that do not have any information about the audio interfaces.

There are different kinds of elements such as formats, types, connection, and configurations that one must check before purchasing an audio interface. Well, you might be confused about how you can buy the right audio interface that may accommodate all your needs. Well, the answer is included in this article because this is where we are going to explain several things you need to look for when buying an audio interface.

I/O configuration

Choosing the right I/O configuration is really important when you are looking to record audio in a computer. You need to keep your current and future needs in your mind while choosing the I/O configuration. The devices you are going to use for recording may also put an impact on your I/O configuration selection.

There are different types of audio interfaces that can record hundreds of channels but you should only choose the one that completely fits your needs.

Computer Connectivity option

There are numerous options available for connecting your devices to the computer. You need to choose the option that allows you to make several edits while you are recording to the audio. There are some devices that allow you to set the pitch and voice quality when you are recording the voice.

Thus, you won’t have to spend any time on setting the pitch quality on the computer. Similarly, there are other devices that come with other incredible features. However, if you are a singer, there is no need to choose a lot of features because some basic features are going to be enough for you.

Tech specs

The tech specs are added to every audio interface so that the consumers may carefully read the complete features of the device. So, you should take some time to carefully read the specs because the specs matter a lot in determining the quality of an audio interface. If you are purchasing online, you can simply go to the specs corner to read the specs. And if you are purchasing from a shop, you’d have to ask the shopkeeper about the specs.…

Hot games in 2018 for music lovers

The music and games are the most interesting things on this planet that can make you feel fresh and happy whenever you get engaged with them. There were many songs that became very popular in 2017. Similarly, lots of games also became very popular in 2017. But something strange happened in this year that brought an amazing change in both the industries. Some expert developers took help from the top musicians to develop some games and apps that may provide a new source of entertainment to the music lovers.

Almost all the gamers prefer listening to their favorite music while playing their favorite game. So, the developers decided to introduce a new idea that can help them enjoy both the things together in one place. So, they introduced some apps and games. You can simply take a visit to friv games: snail bob to see the interesting games that were designed in the previous year. These games and apps became very popular and they musicians jumped in to make some new and advanced games.

This brought a new change to this new world and some new games came into existence that are far better than those that were introduced in the past year. So, today we are going to talk about some hot games that music lovers would love playing in 2018.


The musical gaming experience provided in this game is incredibly amazing. The game is really interesting as it features many emotional aspects. This game provides you the opportunity to convert the emotions to the music. Different notes appear on your mobile screen during this game that allows you to play your favorite music. Many incredible songs from different genres are included in this game. So, you’re definitely going to love this game if you’re a true music lover.


The name of the game relates that it is a perfect game for the music lovers. There are many questions included about different songs and artists in this game that will definitely help in testing your knowledge that whether you are actually a music lover or not. It is not only about answering the questions but there are several sounds included in this game that you can use to guess that which song was played on this beat.

Icon Pop Song

This is another interesting game that will help in improving your pop music memory skills. The real music enthusiasts are not only interested in listening to the music but they also love to learn the detailed information about their favorite songs and singers. So, if you are a true music enthusiast, then you must play this game to test your pop music memory skills.…